I am a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Ghent University, Belgium. I work within the Wildlife Health Ghent group with An Martel and Frank Pasmans, with funding from the Research Foundation of Flanders (FWO). I am also a frequent guest of the Centre Tecnologic Forestal de Catalunya.blog_pic_colorado

Almost all the work I do is aimed at avoiding the extinction of animal species. This involves a bit of ecology (mostly estimation and prediction of population dynamics), a bit of decision science (running workshops and applying tools for decision and risk analysis) and a lot of travelling.

My current main project is the risk assessment for the salamander chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans in Europe. This fungus has recently been introduced to Europe through the pet trade. It has led to the collapse of salamander populations in the Netherlands and is spreading to Belgium and Germany. My aim is to link the knowledge of scientists and the needs of managers to find out if anything can be done to prevent a catastrophic decline in European salamanders, and if so, what, how, when and where.

My PhD at the University of Melbourne and my first postdoc at the Zoological Society of London focused on decision analysis for the recovery of endangered species. I have a long-standing collaboration and friendship with John Ewen (ZSL) and Sarah Converse (UW), which has included developing a training program for the IUCN Conservation Translocation Specialist Group.

These are words I use a lot in my papers. I am always happy to hear from prospective students or anyone interested in collaborations, whether scientists or managers.



Stefano Canessa
Wildlife Health Ghent
Ghent University
Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium
E-mail: Canessa.Stefano[at]UGent.be

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